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     Rae has been involved in many forms of art and design, from film photography to 3*D printing designs, over the course of the past 6 years. Attending school at the Museum of Fine Arts School at Tufts University, she graduated with a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts. Experience in the Adobe Suite, Microsoft office, Blender, and AutoCad balance out with the hands on skills she learned in her programs. 

     These skills carry over in her Jewelry Sculpture Pieces, as well as her general photo graphical works. 


2020 Junction City Arts Council Showcase, Junction City KS

2020 Central National Bank Display, Junction City KS

2018 SMFA Year End Show, Boston MA

2018 Deep Blue Hair Studio, Brookline MA

2017 Every Thing Considered, SMFA Terrace Gallery, Boston MA

2017 SMFA Art Sale, Boston MA

2016 SMFA Annual Photo Show, Boston MA

2015 SMFA Annual Photo Show, Boston MA

2015 SMFA Art Sale, Boston MA

2014 Media Arts Jobs for Justice, Boston MA